Vitamin E


Humans and Rats

Nested case control study?
Vitamin E related to slightly lower testosterone. Need to look into methodology in more detail.

Observational study: In smokers there is an inverse correlation between serum α-tocopherol and sex steroid hormones

Observational study: Infertile men have lower levels of Vitamin E compared to fertile men

Rat study:
Vitamin E deficiency reduces testosterone, and slightly elevates LH. This suggests it is working at a testicular level - although perhaps not exclusively. The formation of cAMP also decreased significantly in the Vitamin E group.

Rat study:
Vitamin E deficiency reduces testosterone, but leaves LH unchanged (surely it should go up if this problem was purely testicular in nature). Administration of DPPD (an antioxidant which has shown to be active in the testes - see seemed to reverse the change - so the problem may not be low vitamin E, it might be low levels of antioxidants active in the testes.