Libertarian Psychology

Write up:

- Tend to be slightly more economically conservative ( 6.10 on a 1-7 scale) than conservatives (5.93), and far more than liberals (2.83).
- Tend to be less conservative on social issues ( 2.49 on a 1-7 scale) than conservatives (5.16), but not as liberal as liberals (1.66).
'For example, 59% of libertarians felt that “abortion should be generally available to those who want it” compared with 18% of conservatives, and 69% of libertarians felt “same sex couples should be allowed to legally marry” compared with 21% of conservatives (the comparable percentages for self-identified liberals were 84% for abortion and 92% for gay marriage).'

"Much more likely to be male (79.6%) compared to both liberals (50.6% male) and conservatives (63.0% male)."

Moral Foundations:
Similar to liberals - They place low value on loyalty, authority, and sanctity.
Similar to conservatives - They place low value on fairness.
Uniquely - They place liberty above all other values.

Low empathy. High Systemizing.
Score most cerebral, most rational, and least emotional.
Score highest on crude measure of IQ.

Individualistic and report weak ties to other people, including friends and family.
Low sociability, extroversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.